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Get It There Together

get it there together

Campaign Overview

“Get It There Together” is an empowering campaign centered around the urgent need to address mental health and addiction challenges. At its core, this initiative is a collective call to action, emphasizing that we’re stronger when we unite as a community. Through raising awareness and garnering essential funds, we’re determined to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction, opening doors to education, support, and treatment.

What sets “Get It There Together” apart is its unwavering focus on teamwork. It underscores the reality that impactful change necessitates the combined efforts of every individual. By coming together, we’re sending a resounding message that no one should navigate these struggles alone. With your participation, we’re creating a tapestry of support that envelops those in need, fostering an environment of empathy, strength, and solidarity.

So, lets Get It There Together!

Past event

Saturday September 30, 2023

Ken Whillans Square – Brampton, ON​

Time: 2:00pm ET to 7:00pm ET (Google Map)

Ken Whillans Square in Brampton Ontario

Event Recap

The first ever RejuvinAge event held recently was definitely a success, leaving participants delighted. The weather could not have been more perfect, setting the stage for a day filled with entertainment, informative speeches and community engagement. The event featured a diverse lineup of performers and speakers, including the mesmerizing singing of Cleopatra Williams, the upbeat tunes from DJ YBD (Your Boy Drew), and the insightful guidance of life coaches Ian Walling and Robina Abramson-Walling. Attendees were treated to the artistic talents of face-painting, while Latin and Bhangra dancers added an electrifying cultural dimension to the day in front of the Brampton sign.

But it was not just about entertainment; the event showcased a remarkable array of vendors and guest speakers such as Marci Gray of Gray Matter Health alongside charitable organizations like United Sikhs and Sai Dham Food Bank brought together a diverse tapestry of voices and initiatives. Most notably, the presence of Legion member Dave Bawtinheimer for the rendition of the Canadian National Anthem added an extra layer of honor to the proceedings, while the ever-present Davinder Dhanoa brought it all together seamlessly as an incredible Master of Ceremony. All these moments were captured by the stellar photography of former teacher Mr. Jim Chambers.

The success of this event serves as a testament to the power of community and collaboration as we bring awareness in the areas of Mental Health, Addiction and Trauma Recovery. With such a vibrant and diverse group of vendors, performers, and speakers, it is clear that there is a bright future ahead for similar gatherings. As attendees departed with smiles on their faces, RejuvinAge was delighted and encouraged to bring more similar events in the future. RejuvinAge, City of Brampton and Downtown Brampton BIA will continue their collaboration to bring awareness, support and services to those that need it most. RejuvinAge is looking forward to the future development of the Mental Health, Addiction and Trauma Recovery Centre. We are encouraged as we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and contributions that make our community so special.

So, Lets Get It There Together!

All of us working together can make a difference. So we encourage you to donate what you can and all your contributions and support will be huge in the efforts to combat mental health and addiction for those who need it most.
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